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Mist-Air Dust Suppression and Odour Absorption

Mist-Air is a flexible dust and odour suppression system, which can be adapted to suit all sizes of buildings or operations, and is easily retro, fitted to any site to ensure a dust and odour free environment.
Normally installed within two days, with a low purchase and maintenance cost, and hire or lease is also possible.

The Mist-Air system must not to be confused with `fog cannons, rotary atomisers, or lines of misting nozzles in the roof` which always result in wet floors, wet stock, and wet personnel.

Mist-Air has the flexibility to suppress dust and odours in areas where extraction is simply not possible or affordable, and is currently used in thousands of manufacturing and recycling applications, suppressing dust from wood, brick, soil, cement, paper, gypsum, ash, glass, biomass, coal, etc. using only water.

Extremely fine fog is blown by stainless steel fans into the air, suppressing rising dust and preventing it from becoming airborne.

Dust particles are attracted to the fog, causing them to settle, and prevent them from staying airborne, so is ideal for stopping dust created during tipping, hopper loading, shredding, trommels, screens, air knives, conveyor transfer points, bulker loading etc.

Floors, machinery, and stock, stay completely dry, and personnel can work in the fog without becoming wet.

Mist-Air Rain Gun System
This system enables large outside areas to be dampened to prevent dust from blowing around by wind and vehicle movements.
Suitable for roads, stock piles, yards, loading and unloading areas, etc. Quarry haul roads can be dampened automatically to prevent the usual clouds of dust created by vehicle movements during dry weather.
The number of rain guns required will depend on the size of the area to be covered.
Each rain gun can be operated independently or used in conjunction with a timer system to operate automatically in sequence for a couple of minutes every half hour throughout the working day.
Mist-Air installs the system to give total coverage whenever and wherever you need it.
To get an indication of cost, please send a drawing of the site indicating the main areas requiring suppression.

Mist-Air Odour control
Odour control is delivered by the Mist-Air dry fog system, to absorb odorous gases from the air.
It works very efficiently, and is totally safe and will not affect human, animal, or plant life and is totally safe in aquatic areas
Fog alone absorbs airborne alcohols, ammonia gases, and Hydrogen sulphides, given off by decomposing materials, but by adding Mist-Air Odour Absorber, airborne gases are absorbed 500,000 times faster than would be the case with fog alone, enabling a wide spectrum of gases to be absorbed.
The success of the process is immediately evident. The smells disappear as soon as the system is switched on.
Widely used in waste storage areas, composting sites, animal housing, etc. where extraction and air treatment is not available.

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